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New Features

  • High modularity.
  • Optimized for modern touch screen devices. As well as PCs.
  • Intuitive and user friendly user interface. (Improved UI and UX to be as simple as possible)
  • Works with Doli, Sematron, controllers through plugins (Also other controllers can be ported by customer request)
  • Redesigned method creation workflow to be standard based.
  • New formula builder interface.
  • New Virtual keyboard (supports all languages)
  • Sequence editor for test control.
  • Raw data viewer inside test screen.
  • High cross compatibility (can be compiled on Windows, Linux (x86, x64, Armv7, Armv8), macOS, Android) (Doli has some restriction but Sematron can work on all platforms)
  • Log viewer.
  • User Manager with defined roles.
  • New Result editor that aims to cover all possible results in standards.
  • Formula based results is now available.
  • Fully customizable report editor.
  • Logarithmic chart axis.
  • ...

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