Video Extensometer

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Product Details

Video Extensometer is a contactless optical measurement system based on a digital camera and real time image processing. It measures the longitudinal and transverse strain between two applied lines with a rate of up to 4000 Hz. The strain data is transferred e.g. via an analogue signal or digital interface to the test machines for further processing or controlling.


Measurement of material properties, true strain controlled tensile tests, fatigue tests, exploration of cracks, investigation of strain behavior on dynamic tensile tests, dynamic and high speed tests, vibration analysis, etc.

Technical specifications

  1. A modern, configurable and intuitive user interface using OpenGL
  2. The control from the Videoextensometer by the connected testing machine allows the fully automatic operation
  3. Using templates for different measurement tasks
  4. Many options for the data communication and data export
  5. Integrated generation of image sequences
  6. The multithread-analysis-kernel supports multi-core-processors to achieve a low processor load
  7. System calibration gives measures in [mm]
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